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lundi 16 juillet 2007, par clf

The streets resound with pedestrians chattering to cell phones. People are crowding into Internet chat rooms, expounding on forums, posting to mailing lists and blogs while televisions patter endlessly. At one time or another we’ve all overheard exchanges that seemed comical, off the wall, premonitory, surrealistic. Often composed of ordinary elements, their oddness comes from the way they overlap and recombine to a stranger’s ears. This random juxtaposition can shake tired expressions out of their torpor, metaphors can be mixed, reinvigorated or rendered ridiculous.

The Eavesdroplets website collects these recontextualized sound bytes which become starting points for collaborative net-stories. You are invited to post your favorite bits of dialog via an online questionnaire. You can also upload an image or a sound file. You are welcome to use another contributor’s eavesdroplet to create a short story, which you can upload via the "add story" link.

An earlier version of this project was developed in collaboration with Dispatx Art Collective - http://www.dispatx.com

Concept, graphic design : Karen O’Rourke

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