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• attia bousbaa : The People In Me

dimanche 2 août 2015, par clf

" Art is a lie that reveals the truth." Picasso

An artist and a poet, Attia Bousbaa has this in common with Fernando Pessoa, that he has for thirty years continually invented new identities under which he has created and displayed his artistic production : paintings, sculptures, installations etc., as well as his writings. The names of these numerous identities may come from literature, the history of art, cinema, or from the circle of family, friends or acquaintances more or less close to the artist, and cover a wide range of ethnic origins : Asher Lev, Idriss, Anatole Stiller, Janine Azzawy, Oskar Serti, Norma Wilhems and many others.

But why refer to fiction when Attia Bousbaa and his works are very real ? There are several reasons, of which the first is that the artist seeks to remain at a distance, standing back from his creations, in order to consider them with the fresh eye of another person, an alter ego, a stranger uninvolved in their conception.

The second reason is to allow the spectator, notably at a private viewing, to speak freely, to judge the work with its qualities and weaknesses, in the artist’s presence, without knowing that he is the author of it.

The last reason is that the artist considers that most artists, if not all, are egocentric and constantly make a point of justifying their works, even by what they themselves are. Attia Bousbaa prefers people to take a possible interest in his works, which can speak for themselves, or not, and to forget about him.

For many years, Attia Bousbaa kept his numerous identities secret, however in 1989 he decided to disclose them out of the need to claim his artistic production as his own, to accept responsibility for it and not to deny himself.

Attia Bousbaa aka : Alan Feeney, Asher Lev, Idriss, Pierre Lenz, M. P. Manchon, Oskar Serti, Anatol Stiller, Jacky Pourché, Piet Van Oursouw, Norma Wilhems, Kees Donker, Nool Christie, Janine Azzawy, The Libou Project, Howard Faulkner, Hata Marie.

Translation : Ruth Antczac, Keith Atkinson
Photo : Bruno Sellier


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